Privacy policy

Feetoes is very much committed to protecting the privacy of their visitors to this site. At Feetoes, we would like you to enjoy your shopping experience. And while it is necessary for us to collect some personal information, we respect and protect your right to privacy as set forth in this Privacy Policy. The nature of the information that is collected is simply to allow us to contact you or for us to contact you on the basis of a business relationship that you have had you established by purchasing an order online.  This is only to follow up on any order that you may initiate on this site. 

The information that is taken does NOT include any kind of financial details, other than the details related to the purchase of products by you, and is purely restricted to order, contact, and preferences. We do NOT keep any kind of information related to account or card numbers. Also, we may collect your contact and order information on our server and on your browser in the form of session storage or cookies. We will NOT share it with anyone else, other than those who make the delivery of the product to you, and for the improvement purposes. Feetoes has the right to make alterations to this policy in the future without any notice. 

This Privacy Policy applies to the Site. By using this site, you agree that your use signifies your consent to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with our Privacy Policy, please do not use the Site.